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UK School Records - What's Available

This page gives details of which records are available now to be searched online.

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For an example on how I used the school registers to track a Sheffield family in the 1910s and 1920s, then visit this page.

This page of the UK School Records website concentrates on which records are available for you to view now online.

Those available online fall into two groups. First are where the records of an individual school has been transcribed and while that is an added bonus if your ancestor happened to go to the school, there is a low chance of finding them if you just know that they lived in a certain town.

Much more useful are where the records of all schools in an area have been transcribed and it is these that are starting to become available for online searching, although coverage is far from universal.

London School Admissions & Discharges, 1840-1911

This collection of School Admission and Discharge records for schools in London is available on Ancestry. It contains records of more than 1.7 million students from 843 different schools with details of Admission Date, Name, Parents' names, Parents' occupation, Address and Birth Date.

Manchester School Registers, 1870-1916

This major collection from Findmypast of Manchester School Registers covers the period 1870-1916, 35 schools in total.

Sheffield School Records

This collection from Sheffield indexers covers admissions to 32 schools from the 1880s to 1930s. It is free to access and search.
An example of searching using this collection is here.

Cheshire School Records 1796 to 1950

These collection from Family Search of Cheshire School registers contain about 1.9 million names from 120 Cheshire schools. It is free to access and search.

Glamorgan Schools Admission Registers 1768-1911

This collection available from Findmypast details the entrance of 29,251 pupils into around 10 schools (18 registers).

Perthshire, Scotland, School Registers of Admission and Withdrawals, 1869-1902

Another collection available on Ancestry with details from about 50 schools, about 25,000 records.

Individual School Records

Various groups and organisations have also put individual school admission records online

West Riding Colliery School, Altofts, 1875-1914 (free)

Bourne Abbey, Bourne, Lincs (free)

Loxton School, Somerset (free)

Worcester Royal Grammar School 1850-1921 (free)

Pirton, Hertfordshire (free)

Belper, Derbyshire (free)

Charterhouse Register 1872-1910 (on Ancestry)

Eton School to 1850 (on Ancestry)

Harrow School Register 1801-1893 (on Ancestry)

Sedbergh School Register 1546-1895 (on Ancestry)

Sudbrook School (on Ancestry)

Uppingham School to 1824-1921 (on Ancestry)

Westminster School to 1927 (on Ancestry)

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